July 2013 MCC Sport Bike Day

mcc sport bike day

Some members of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Christian Sport Bike Association took a trip down the Montgomeryville Cycle Center for their annual Sport Bike Day. We had a tent set up with handouts about our organization, as well as some pamphlets on motorcycle safety tips and information. We also got to meet a lot of cool people and of course looked at some sweet bikes. They had food, drinks, games for kids, dyno runs, specials on bikes and gear, and more. It was a great time! Check out the photos that Larry took at this event, some are posted below and more are in our gallery! Our next event is coming up on Saturday August 3. Its our "Shamokin Screamer Ride" and it is one of the most attended rides of the year, so come on out and join us! See you soon!


July 26-27, 2013 Keystone Rally Report

bikes at an overlook

Well, for our first annual Keystone Rally we had a lot of "firsts" and not all of them good. But do you know what, God is faithful way beyond what we thought. This rally began in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's state capital. Rick J and I met up @ my place and rode out to the starting point, a Cracker Barrel restaurant north of Harrisburg and we almost missed the exit! Rick and I had enough time for a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon. There we met up with PA SV who came up from Virginia. We exchanged greetings, small talk, and the route to come. From there we went off in search of mountain passes to go roaring through. At the top of the first mountain we stopped for a picture. Sadly within three turns and 20 miles from our start we would have a crash.

Rick J came into a down hill left hand turn, grabbed both front and back brake to trail brake into the corner, but the rear wheel locked up and he began to slide a bit sideways. He then let off the rear brake and the bike promptly high sided him off of it. He landed on the asphalt, slid between a guardrail and a tree then fell about eight feet down an embankment. His bike followed him. . .


April 2013 Bike Blessing & More

group photo Hello folks,

Here is a quick update on the activities during the past month, beginning with the most recent, which was the blessing of the bikes.

This year three of us met up at the Starlite Diner for breakfast and then we rode to the Pagoda in Reading. After that we rode back to the Reading Motorcycle Club for their annual bike blessing. In total, 138 bikes showed up with us being the only sport bikes that I saw. As far as the ride, aside from a few slow cars and a squirrel with a death wish, it was a good day.

Earlier in the month we had our first official ride of 2013 dubbed "Leap Around Lancaster". We had 12 riders show up with an additional two joining us for breakfast. The ride started out cool with temperatures around the freezing mark and by afternoon they had risen into the upper 40's. We enjoyed some nice scenic roads jam packed with sweeping curves and tight corners which lead us to our lunch stop in Mt. Gretna. After lunch some of the group broke off and headed for home, while the rest continued on to enjoy some twisty Lancaster area roadways. Despite hitting some traffic it was a good day with many good people.


PACSBA March 2013 Outreach Project

group photo Greetings All,

Summarized below are the details from our March Service Project. Thanks to all who came out to help support us in one way or another. This event served as a wonderful community service and also let people know our chapter is about serving and doing things in our community.

For this project, the PACSBA Chapter partnered with The Keystone Community Organization to provide community service to Quakertown, PA and St Johns Lutheran Church on March 2nd, 2013. This Service Project and our efforts were centered on helping prepare the old parsonage building owned by the church, located at 21 South 10th Street (Next to the Church) for the Church Mission and it's inhabitants. Our involvement consisted of light duty, to include painting, sanding and general light duty as directed.

We are looking forward to the next outreach project. How about you?

Video - Chapter Leader Shares the Word

Watch our Chapter President, Mark share the word during Lunch at our August 2012 Shamokin Screamer ride. The corresponding text follows. Thanks to Seven for recording the video and for all the fantastic people who continue to come out to support our chapter. We will see you in September!

Man says God says
I can't leave my old friends Proverbs 13:20
I will be persecuted Matthew 5:11-12
There are too many hypocrites Matthew 7:1-2
It will cost me too much Mark 8:36
God is love, there is no danger Luke 13:1-5
It's too late Romans 10:13
There are too many mysteries I Corinthians 13:12
Not Today II Corinthians 6:12
I don't need a savior Hebrews 2:3
I tried once and failed Jude 24

April "Southern Pennsylvania Screamer" Kicks Off 2012 Season!

A picture of the bikes at lunch

This past Saturday, the 7th of April, we kicked off our first breakfast and ride of 2012. This ride took us on a tour of south central Pennsylvania and traversed several counties. We had riders show up from Lancaster, Hamburg, Philadelphia, Allentown, Bethlehem, Scranton, Reading, and points in between. All in all we had around 25 riders join us, with about 28 or so attending breakfast.

The ride went well and despite a chilly start in the morning the weather turned out to be perfect. The ride ended up being 300+ miles long for just about everyone who attended. We began in Allentown, stopped for lunch in Mt. Gretna in which we shared some fellowship and caught up with everyone. After lunch we continued on, through some farmland and winded our way through the mountains to reach our final stop in Spring Run, PA. We saw lots of wildlife, including a camel, had a member of our group jump start a Harley, and got to ride some of the twistiest roads Pennsylvania has to offer. It was great seeing old faces, as well as some new ones! What a way to kick off the season!

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