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Welcome To The CSBA

Hello and welcome to our organization. The Christian Sport Bike Association is all about making disciples, sharing the word, going out and having a good time.   If that is something you would be interested in, we would love for you to participate in this Ministry.  Whether you want to start a chapter or just go out and have a ride.   Please browse our website, register on our forum, and meet some new people.  We are even on Facebook.  We hope to see you out there.

Thank you and God Bless,

Mark Hamm, President
Christian Sport Bike Association (CSBA)

Our State Chapters

United States Map of CSBA Chapters

Our Friend John Lasure Jr. - CSBA President Featured

mark intro

For the past decade, John Lasure Jr. has been the President of the Eastern PA Chapter of the CSBA and for the last several years the President of the National Chapter of the CSBA.  Like many of us his roots with the organization began by simply attending some of the CSBA rides, but his strong foundation in Christianity and the love of motorcycles inspired him to become the man he is today.  His commitment to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ boosted his desire to do more for the organization and before long he was promoted to the roles that he currently maintains.

John is one of the most selfless people you could meet, concerned about others well being and their prosperity more than his own.  He voluntary opens his home to host men’s bible studies, consoles members when they are ill or experiencing some type of misfortune, and shows an unwavering commitment to oversee the success of the Eastern PA Chapter of the CSBA to share the positive experiences that he has received while being a part of the organization.

In total, John has been with the organization for more than 17 years and he has shown his true devotion to the organization and the Lord during that time. His upbeat personality, fantastic communication skills, and networking abilities have allowed the Eastern PA Chapter to expand its reach that has taken the Lord's word to less common venues. He began by spreading the word at weekend bike gatherings and shows at motorcycle dealerships. Then in the spring of 2013 he started the "CSBA Day at the Races" track day events, which grew rapidly and led to additional membership within the CSBA, as well as some sponsorship from local, regional, and national companies. It also attracted the attention of the publishers at Sport Bikes, Inc. Magazine who conducted an interview with him about the CSBA and the CSBA Day @ the Races program. The article titled "Know Your Role: A Club of another Cloth" was featured in the December 2014 issue of the magazine and may be read online through the following link: Click to View Article.


Faith and Motorcycling Led Me To The CSBA

mark introTo recall how I came to the CSBA, it makes sense to consider how I came to motorcycling. My brother rode motorcycles for years before I did and I decided to start, so it would be something we could do together. It was around March of 2004 and I bought an old Honda 450 Night Hawk from him. I took the MSF Basic Rider course and finished with my motorcycle license. I rode that 450 until August when the inspection ran out and the repairs necessary for inspection cost more than the bike. I then bought a Buell Lightning that same month, crashed it in October and smashed my right foot. Recovery took until February and by April I was riding again. My brother rides big touring bikes with a moderate pace and I like to ride sport bike style with a slightly faster pace. So, since our styles didn't complement so well, I sought out another group.

I either heard about the CSBA online or a friend recommended them to me, I can't remember which it was. I do know I found out that they met at a diner on the first Saturday of the month and during warmer months, they might ride. I looked them up online and applied for membership immediately. True to their word, it was mostly a ride up, eat breakfast, talk about bikes, then ride home kind of group. We did occasionally go for rides, but not every month. This went on for about a year, then the chapter leader just stopped coming out, no explanation, no goodbye. Within a few months another member took up being the chapter leader and we had a good ride up to the Poconos. I didn't get to finish it because something was on my mind and I couldn't focus. I said good bye to the two other riders and headed home. The next month, that chapter leader stopped coming out, again, no explanation, no goodbye.

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