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The CSBA Australia welcomes all motorcycle riders, family and friends.   We cater to sport bikes and motards and have a "ride what you brung" attitude, if you don't mind corners.

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  • CSBA Day @ The Races at New Jersey Motorsports Park
  • John on his track bike
  • CSBA Day @ The Races Flag
  • Riders on the track
  • Absolute Cycle Experience
  • Riders waiting
  • CSBA Day @ The Races Track Bike
  • CSBA Racing Team
  • Group Shot from April 2014 Track Day
  • Welcome to the CSBA!

  • Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter President John Lasure Jr. started the CSBA Day @ The Races program in 2013.

  • The hoisting of the flags symbolize that the event has begun!

  • Improve your riding abilities without the worries and obstacles you face while riding on the street.

  • Receive expert coaching and instruction provided by Absolute Cycle Experience, our preferred track day organization.

  • Whether you have a street bike or track bike and are a beginner or expert, there will be a group level for you.

  • The original CSBA Day @ The Races Track Bike

  • Come meet the CSBA Racing Team.

  • Are you ready to ride? Come join us on and off the track for some fun, food, and fellowship! See you soon!

CSBA Racing Ministry

csba racing teamOur ministry is dedicated to serving our fellow racers and their families at the track by providing spiritual support and guidance, friendship, fun, and food. We also have an off track ministry to churches, schools, and other events, where we use our motorcycles and experiences to witness to and encourage groups at large wherever the Lord leads us. Our team is made up of a core group of four people.

The head of our team, and our team chaplain, is Joe Cotterino. He is joined in this ministry by his wife Denise, and his daughter Cecilia.

The fourth member of our team is Jake Johnson. He has just joined us this year, but has already proven to be an incredible blessing from God to our ministry.

God uses our team as a whole to minister to our fellow racers through our testimonies and relationships with each other, and our fellow racers, at the track, both during the race season, and during the off-season. We have also seen Him use us in great ways at various speaking engagements that we do when we are not ministering during a race weekend.

CSBA Racing Off Track Ministry Events

rider cliniccornering clinic
We conduct off track ministry to churches, schools, and other events, where we use our motorcycles and experiences to witness to and encourage groups at large wherever the Lord leads us.
  • We use our motorcycles to peak interest and prove evangelistic opportunity.
  • We provide racing or riding instruction for the street or the track.
  • We provide expert suspension setup.
  • We offer advice.

Let us assist you at your next event! Contact Joe Cotterino for more information or visit the CSBA Racing website.

CSBA Day @ The Races

CSBA Day @ The Races Track Day Events

Riders on the trackWelcome to the CSBA Day @ The Races! Established in the Spring of 2013, our track day program was instituted by Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter President John Lasure Jr. as an outlet to expand our outreach ministry and introduce more riders to controlled track day riding. We launched our inaugural track day event on June 11, 2013 with Absolute Cycle Experience, a local track day organization that handles all of the complex logistics of renting track time. Our first experience began with our arrival at the gate of New Jersey Motorsports Park where we met the staff from Absolute Cycle Experience, all of whom were extremely helpful in getting us prepared for our first event. As the day progressed, they continued to provide us with encouragement, support, knowledge, and suggestions to improve our track riding while ensuring that we were having a great time. Upon the conclusion of our first track day event, we were left with a very positive impression of the organization, their expert coaching, and track day format. This ensued in the development of a new relationship and Absolute Cycle Experience officially became the only track day organization to host our track day events going forward.Roy Cadoo with Absolute Cycle Experience

Since that first track day event we have continued to expand the venue and now hold at least one track day event a month during the warmer riding months (April through October).   During each event we set up a hospitality area to provide refreshments and informational materials to all the riders and guests who are attending that day. While we enjoy riding around the track testing the limits of machine and man, the most rewarding activity is getting to meet new and old friends to share a story, a prayer, a hug, and develop the strong bond of friendship with one another.

In our ever growing task to build on this venue, we support our continued vision of what the CSBA Day @ The Races mission is all about, which is "To enjoy a joyful spirit and fellowship with fellow riders, while always learning and testing our limits for this passion we have for two wheeled movement.  We shouldn't be afraid to test our limits as that's how true growth in anything is experienced".  If you have never done a track day, do yourself a favor and try to get in at least one session.   It will surely make you a better street rider.   The pace is yours to set; grab a partner and explore.   See you on the track soon!CSBA Day @ The Races Track Bike

Thanks again for everyone's support in our events and our efforts to continue to expand upon our CSBA Day @ The Races venue.   Remember to keep on eye on our schedule for all upcoming events and please come out to join us.

To learn more about CSBA Day @ The Races, visit the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the Christian Sport Bike Association website via the link below.   There you will find track day safety and preparation tips, events, and the latest track day reports summarizing the weekend's events.

Eastern PA Chapter Website