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TOPIC: Re: A loss of a long time member

Re: A loss of a long time member 3 years 1 month ago #251

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posted by Scraperman1

Hello all,

It is with regret that I announce the passing of our long time website admin, Ron Anderson. He died suddenly on Friday from a heart attack. Before Tom took over with the new website, Ron had took care of our site for years and years, paying for the hosting out of his own pocket. Although he was tough to get a hold of, once you reached him he would do what ever he could to help you. In his passing, I have come to truly know more about him and I am grateful I have known him. I'll see you on the other side Ron, thanks for your years of service. Below are some comments from Brian Phillips one of our founding members:

"Ron Anderson joined the CSBA in the early years and offered his help in website hosting and email organization. He never accepted a penny for his services.

Ron was supportive, caring, funny and a servant of Jesus Christ. He totaled his motorcycle not long after joining the CSBA and wasn't able to purchase another bike but continued to serve the association.

I was never able to meet Ron face to face; our relationship was totally telephonic but I counted him as a brother in Christ. I'm convinced he's with the Lord and has heard the phrase we all strive for: "well done good and faithful servant."

Here is some obituary information sent from a good friend of Ron:

He was Born on September 19th, 1950, He grew up in Bloomington
> Minnesota just outside of Minneapolis. Ron left behind an older brother David,
> and a younger sister Cindy. Ron cared deeply
> for his family, talking with them continuously, and faithfully going back to Minnesota
> every year, to enjoy the company of his brother, sister, nephews, and in-laws....
> (his mother Ruth, and father, Lawrence have already Gone Home to be with
> the Lord) Their family attended a Lutheran church
> throughout his childhood; but later Ron became an atheist/evolutionist
> (unwilling to talk about God for many years). Ron went to college to become an
> electrical engineer. After college, he joined the police force, and became an
> officer with the Eden Prairie P.D. He was a Patrolman, a Parametric,
> and became a Detective during his time in law enforcement. Ron also
> attained his airplane pilot's license, scuba license, and motorcycle
> license. Ron was very talented, both intellectually, and physically;
> reading all the web page building manuals when they were first
> published, building many web pages ...He even built 2 or 3 different houses
> from scratch!! (construction, electrical, and finishing work)
> Ron loved the beach, and He loved animals, and always had
> dogs... After 15 years of police work, Ron moved to California
> in 1990, or 1991 to take a position of, Security Operations Chief at the
> Burbank studios; over all the television shows and studio operations.(Disney)
> In 1996 Ron became a Christian, and started reading the Bible, and
> attending different Christian churches. Ron studied the Word of God, with a
> greater passion than all other endeavors; reading endless commentaries,
> books, and seeking God to reveal Himself to him. Even though Ron was an
> avid weight lifter (6' 230lbs), loving the outdoors, rock climbing,
> racquetball, body surfing, and motorcycling; all of these selfish
> ambitions, he freely, and willingly gave up because of his love for
> Jesus Christ, and his desire to tell others about the good news of God's
> love for everyone. Ron desired to become a man of God (living a life that
> was: loving, forgiving, truthful, and Just), and ultimately became a
> Disciple of Jesus, and a Pastor at Calvary Chapel in Burbank
> California.
> Ron helped care for so many people, I could not possible list them all
> (just look at his facebook!!!) ..three people I would like to mention... the
> first is a mother, Nora, and her 20 year old son,Paulo, who lost his
> father a few years ago, and Ron was always there, helping to comfort
> them and care for them in every way possible...the third is a woman who is dying
> from lung cancer,Lisa. Ron was her neighbor years ago in Burbank, she asked
> Ron to become her, "power of attorney/Conservator-ship" because she can
> no longer care for herself. (she is in her late 70's, and .. she
> actually wailed (after hearing of Ron's death), asking God to take her too.)
> Ron believed that thoughts led to actions, volunteering a tremendous amount
> of his time; Ron taught middle school, high school ,and
> assisted in men's ministries, at the church; hoping to help the next generation of men,
> and women (for approx 10 years before his death). Ron also worked in every area imaginable:
> home Bible studies, I.T., audio visual, sound, construction, repair, teaching, preaching,
> serving, and praying for all. Ron is one of the greatest examples of a selfless Christ like
> life; he loved all, and although very opinionated with his words, and
> thoughts, he never judged a single person (judgment has to do with
> punitive actions) Ron was a humble man, never expected others to
> acknowledge his deeds, opinions, time or efforts, but hoping the people
> he loved would weigh his words, and his love for them. Ron willingly
> assisted anyone who asked him for help; Going sleepless nights, pushing
> himself beyond any other man or woman that I am aware of in this life.
> Ron was a brother, a friend, and a second father to me. I am 41 years
> old now, and I wouldn't be half the man I am without his influence in my
> life. I look forward to seeing my dear friend again.
> I hope you can use some of this information in your article for the
> page you are writing. Take what you want, and discard whatever you
> desire.....(please forgive me if any of the information is incorrect...
> I did the best I could from memory)
> May we all seek love, hope, and faith... I know Ron did.

Please keep Ron's Family and friends in your prayers as they deal with his loss and handle his estate. Thanks,
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Re: A loss of a long time member 3 years 1 month ago #252

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RkTec wrote:
Prayer's for his family and friends. What an amazing list of accomplishments he made and lives he touched.
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Re: A loss of a long time member 3 years 1 month ago #253

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jlasure wrote:
Extremely saddened to learn of this - we grieve for this loss and send prayers to the family...
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