Eastern Pennsylvania CSBA Unveils New Website Design

PACSBA Old website versus New WebsiteWelcome to the new look of the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the Christian Sport Bike Association website.  Our first website was designed back in 2010 as a tool to promote the mission of the Christian Sport Bike Association and develop the capability to communicate with individuals located beyond our local community. With the release of the new website we maintain that same goal, however, over the course of the last 4 years several new key programs have been implemented by our Chapter which we felt needed to receive more attention than what the old version of the website provided. In addition, we wanted to create a new platform that integrated well with the popular social networks such as facebook and twitter as they continue to expand in popularity.

You will find that one of our more prominent additions to the website is the track day section, also known as CSBA Day @ The Races.  Our Chapter President, John Lasure Jr. established the program in the Spring of 2013 to introduce more riders to controlled track day riding, provide spiritual support to those riders, and to operate a hospitality area for all event attendees.  That same year he also established an annual community outreach project in which we coordinate with a local charity to assist them with repairs and renovations to various buildings to promote community involvement and improvement.

Another item you may have noticed is that our domain name extension has been changed to .org to signify our official designation by the Federal Government as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization. The National Leadership of the Christian Sport Bike Association worked tirelessly over the last 12 months to provide the Internal Revenue Service with the required documentation to obtain the 501(c)(3) designation.  Please join me in applauding the National Leadership on achieving one of the biggest accomplishments of the organization.

In closing, I want to mention that I designed and maintained the old website and have also designed this newest version, completing it by working on it slowly during my free time and over the course of one year. I consider it to be my primary contribution to the organization, but it would not have been possible without some assistance from my friends. I must thank Laurence Scott from Redline Images who does an incredible job capturing the moments of our events using his professional photographic capabilities and allowing us to showcase them on our website.  Thanks to our National President Mark Hamm for allowing our Chapter to host its own website, offer encouragement to us, and continue to be a mentor to all Chapters as they continue to develop. I would like to also thank our Chapter President John Lasure Jr. for being so patient as the website was undergoing development and for his dedication to the Chapter in constantly developing new strategies to spread our mission. Lastly, I would like to thank our friends, family, chapter members, sponsors, and donors for your continued support of our mission and values which has provided us with the ability to positively impact so many lives.

Thank you,

Chris Roddick
Vice President, Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter

Last modified on Sunday, 14 June 2015 11:27
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