Announcement: A Changing of the Guard

  • 01 April 2014 |
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To the CSBA Members, guests, and supporters.

Christian Sport Bike Association President Bob Brown has announced that he will be stepping aside and has appointed Mark Hamm of the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter to fill his seat as President effective on April 1, 2014. Subsequently, Bob Brown will be taking office as Vice President since that position has been recently vacated by Scott Journigan who has served us faithfully since 2007. Bob has been an excellent servant and President of the Association. We are delighted that he will be continuing to be involved with the operations within the organization moving forward.

For nearly a decade, Mark Hamm has been the Chapter Leader of the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the Christian Sport Bike Association. He is a devoted son, husband, brother, father, and mentor whom over the years has provided men and women with moral, ethical, and spiritual support as they sought his guidance. He does it without hesitation and sometimes it requires him to make sacrifices, but when the need is there he proudly complies, intervening appropriately as each case presents itself. Harnessing his foundation of strong spiritual testimony and love for God, Mark has worked hard to build upon a group of just a few men to create one of the larger chapters within the organization which now includes several men and women. He set goals each year and made sure to not only meet them, but often exceeded them. He has created a strong bond with believers and has shared the scripture with those who normally choose not to hear the word of God. He is a leader and has proven that time and time again. We are proud of him and look forward to seeing this new chapter in the Christian Sport Bike Association evolve.

Due to his additional involvement within the organization, Mark has stepped down as Chapter Leader of the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter and appointed John Lasure Jr. as the new Chapter Leader. John has been with the organization almost as long as Mark and has shown his true devotion to the organization and to the Lord over the years. His upbeat personality, fantastic communication skills, and networking abilities have allowed the chapter to expand its reach and has taken the Lord's word to less common venues. He began by spreading the word at weekend bike gatherings and shows at motorcycle dealerships. Then late last year he started the "CSBA Day at the Races" Trackday events, which has grown rapidly and led to additional membership within the CSBA, as well as some sponsorship from local, regional, and national companies. John has proven he has the capability to lead on multiple occasions and his nomination is well deserved.

While there are some changes to the leadership within the organization, the CSBA remains steadfast in its mission and will not waiver. God is our leader and he continues to provide us with his guidance to point us in the right direction and allow us to make confident decisions. We have seen were we have gone......where we are......and now its time to see where we can go.

Congratulations to our new leadership, it is well deserved and we look forward to the future!
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