December 2015 CSBA Newsletter

  The Scripture passage above is from Isaiah 43:18-19, I saw it quoted in a newsletter from my son's school the other day. When I read it the Lord kind of nudged me saying, "this is what I want to do in the C.S.B.A." Our ministry has been through a lot in the time it has been in existence, both good and bad. Sometimes we can get nostalgic and think of how things "used to be". This can happen in other areas of our lives as well. We face difficulties or obstacles, things aren't going the way we like it. Perhaps we don't agree with the decisions of family members or maybe our work/business isn't going the way it once was. It is easy to become discouraged, frustrated, and resign our efforts.


August 2015 CSBA Newsletter

Are you committed? You have all heard this question from someone at some time in our lives, and if you respected this person it may have given you pause to think and consider. It probably was a challenge to you when your dedication seemed suspect or an inquiry when you appeared to vacillate between options. It may have been something else as well, but you understand the question and its implications. So I ask you the question, are you committed? Not to me, or to the Christian Sport Bike Association (CSBA), but to the Lord Jesus Christ. Is He your Savior and Lord? Or is He just the spiritual santa claus you pray to when you want something? Do you give to Him (I mean a lot more than just money) or just ask from Him? If you identify as a Christian, are you committed? Have you prayed today? Were those prayers more than just requests? Were there prayers of thanksgiving, praise, and times of listening?

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